"Thomas Gallant and Steve Larson, in partnership with pianist Sally Pinkas, make some of the most blissful sounds this side of nirvana. Truly, this is exquisite music, exquisitely played, and exquisitely recorded, and it’s definitely recommended to all."

Fanfare Magazine


"As played by Ensemble Schumann oboist Thomas Gallant, viola player Steve Larson and pianist Sally Pinkas, the work’s charms receive articulate and expressive treatment. Balances between instruments are superbly gauged and the players shape the music’s juxtaposition of tenderness and jubilance with unforced intensity."



"Ensemble Schumann is perfection in these performances, granting us the opportunity to hear readings of exceptional warmth and fervent passion. Each member comes across as an exemplary virtuoso in his or her own right, and yet they play as if wedded for a half century (actually only since 2005). The stunning performances and amazingly radiant tonal qualities took me quite by surprise, and easily add to the glisten of these already coal-fired pieces. An outstanding issue!"

Audiophile Audition